About the brand

Online store KRAGO – bow ties, neckties and other accessories at the best price!

Krago – one hundred percent exclusive

Krago is an original and distinctive brand that invented bowties anew. We do our best to make this accessory ceased to be considered as an attribute of whiz aristocrats, but realized that this is a fashionable way to emphasize one’s original identity. All the products represented in online store Krago will perfectly fit into your everyday look and create your own distinctive style.

Krago brand history

We are a young but already quite successful company whose goods are in demand all over the country. Our story started rather prosaically: one fine day we realized that the world lacks stylish handmade accessories, and the variety of choices is quite narrow – expensive foreign accessories and cheap low-quality ornaments. Therefore, the Krago creative team made every best effort to give the new generation more opportunities for self-expression.

For a short period of our occurence in the world of accessories, we not only helped hundreds of people to find their own style, but also made bowties extremely popular throughout the world. Fashionists from different countries wear accessories made by Krago with pleasure and eye candy people with their distinctive look.

Krago – everything you need is here

Time passed, and we realized that there is no good reason to focus on bowties only, so that’s why today Krago offers you diverse choices of exclusive accessories created along with new fashion trends and customer wishes. In our online store you can buy bowties, umbrella, pocket squares, as well as the favorite subject of most modern men — combs for mustache and beard styling.

Moreover, since all Krago products combine style, quality and reasonable price, they will not only be a pleasant gift for you yourself, but also for your loved ones. Choose a model yourself, seek help and advice from our qualified consultants or go the simplest, but effective way – hand in the gift certificate.

And the last but not least important benefit of using Krago online store is the optimal combination of price and quality, complemented by a friendly service. And this is not the case”if you do not blow your own horn..”. We are praised a lot and often: we put our heart and soul into all our accessories, and people feel our dedication, so they return to Krago again and again. Join our big and stylish family, we will be glad to see you.